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Sherokee is motivated by inspiring others and knowing that she is making a positive difference for grieving families. She believes that all parents deserve the best care since they get no 'do-overs.'  And all caregivers deserve to receive a 'Gold Standard' training* as well as to be supported in their important work.

See what parents, nurses, counselors, community leaders and others have to say about working with Sherokee, her training programs and the stories she shares. 

Sherokee Ilse, I think of you often and thank you for impacting my life <3.
— Melissa Falcone Kish
Wow! This was a wonderful (two day) class. I loved the stories, sharing, role-playing, resources, and your teaching approach – through kindness and questions it was helpful to emulate. I learned ways to support families, the roles played by Loss Doulas/Loss Advisors and so much more about the support, questions and guidance needed by families.
— Midwife/doula, Madison, WI
We had Sherokee speak at our annual Beyond Sorrow Seminar. She gave a fantastic presentation and was able to connect with both healthcare workers and funeral directors. The audience responded and interacted with her in a way that we had never previously seen at our prior seminars. We highly recommend her.
— Hantage Funeral Chaples, Hutchinson MN
Wonderful! Wonderful! You have given new fresh ideas to move our program forward and have rejuvenated my energy!
— Perinatal Loss Coordinator
“Sherokee, It was a prolific training filled with illuminating conversations, storytelling and suggestions. As a veteran in the field of infant death, your pearls of wisdom, support and accessibility are greatly appreciated. Your warm and giving spirit has touched the lives of many. Thank you for all that you do!”
— Yolanda, MSW and a participant in our April 2015 class
Sherokee Ilse is a gifted speaker and author on the topic of pregnancy loss. Her presentations have had a profound impact on thousands of grieving parents who are struggling to rebuild their lives after experiencing the tragedy of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, and early infant death.
— Tom Priem, Consultant at Priem+ Consulting
Sherokee is one of the best speakers and advocates for bereaved parents that I have encountered or am likely to encounter. She is warm, compassionate and extremely knowledgable in her field.
— Laurie Wright
I am a mother who lost 2 babies in 2006. A friend gave us your book Empty Arms and it was the best grief book that I have ever read.
— Susan G.
Prior to today’s workshop, I felt like our inpatient care for stillborns was really good but our care for families during miscarriage was lacking. I got so many new ideas to improve our existing program and the inspiration to create a program for families experiencing miscarriage.
— RN, St. Mary's
I was given your book by a counselor in the hospital and began reading it the day of my baby’s death. I couldn’t put it down. And referred to it for every feeling and decision I had. My husband also received much comfort from it. But for me, it was something I clinged on to that let me know I wasn’t going crazy and that I was normal.
— Anonymous

* The Perinatal Loss Gold Standard manual is utilized by Sherokee Ilse & Associates when consulting with hospitals and clinics.  Sherokee teaches 1 and 2 day 'gold standard' workshops that are approved by the MD Nurses Association for 7 and 17.9 CEUs respectively.